Ears Wide Open: Slow Salvation

Slow Salvation

“Here We Lie” is one of those dream-pop songs that makes time stand still, for every second of its almost 7 minutes.

It’s title track of the forthcoming album by Slow Salvation, the duo of San Diego native Travis Trevisan (now ensconced in Nashville) and New Jersey singer-songwriter Christina Hernandez (Orion Lake). If the name “Slow Salvation” sounds familiar to shoegaze heads, it’s because it was the title of a 2012 EP released by Trevisan’s surfgazing band Tape Deck Mountain.

Anyway, the long-distance collaboration, which included contributions from former TDM collaborator Dylan Mandel, yielded a full-length, which ended up being mastered by Simon Scott of Slowdive.

The song “Here We Lie” was preceded last month by the equally beautiful single “Decay.”

“Here We Lie” is out Aug. 25 via O.C.-based Velvet Blue Music.

||| Stream: “Here We Lie” and “Decay”