Photos: Tegan and Sara at the Bellwether

Tegan and Sara at the Bellwether (Photo by Stevo Rood / ARood Photo)

Tegan and Sara flexed their talent and their staying power on Sunday night at the Bellwether, marking their fifth L.A.-area concert in the past 10 months, counting the BeachLife Festival. It was clear that after their expansive set the sister act could come back again in a couple months and nobody would complain.

The date supported their 10th-full-length, “Crybaby,” released to considerable platitudes last fall. It is but one artistic work that has kept the Canadian twins in the public eye almost a quarter-century after they released their first album. Their bestselling 1999 memoir, “High School,” was developed into an Amazon series that debuted last fall. And this spring brought the release of a companion graphic novel, “Junior High.”

Sunday’s concert, which spanned 23 songs, sampled from eight of the duo’s albums, even going back to 2000’s “The Business of Art” from “My Number.” Tracks from “So Jealous” (2004), “The Con” (2007) and “Heartthrob” (2013) were featured prominently, along with, of course, six songs from the new album, interspersed throughout the night.

Setlist: You Wouldn’t Like Me, I Can’t Grow Up, Back in Your Head, Pretty Shitty Time, I Bet It Stung, The Con, Fucking Up What Matters, On Directing, Under My Control, Feel It in My Bones, Boyfriend, Stop Desire, Smoking Weed Alone, How Come You Don’t Want Me, I Was a Fool, My Number, Shock to Your System, Nineteen, Sometimes I See Stars, Living Room, Walking With a Ghost. Encore: Where Does the Good Go, Closer

Photos by Stevo Rood / A Rood Photo