Video: Katelyn Tarver, ‘Parallel Universe’

Katelyn Tarver (Photo by Irida Mete)

What if I’d done things differently? What if I’d stayed instead of gone? What if I’d turned left and not right?

That’s the conceit behind Katelyn Tarver’s latest single, “Parallel Universe.” The L.A.-based Georgia native earlier this month released the single, her fourth of 2023, along with confirmation that her as-yet-untitled sophomore album will be out early next year.

Produced by Chad Copelin (LANY, Sasha Sloan), the contemplative track follows singles “Cinematic,” “Starting to Scare Me” and “What Makes Life So Good?” as poignant diary entries slated for the new album.

“When you’re in a phase of re-evaluation, it’s easy for your mind to wander over to ‘what if’s’,” she says. “What if I had taken that job? What if I had taken more risks when I was young? What if I had pursued that relationship instead of letting it go? Would I be more successful? Would I be happier? Would I not wonder what if?

“I think it’s so human to ask these questions and to wonder about where our lives might be had we done something different. What if we could talk to that different version of ourselves? What would they say? Would it make things clearer, or would they have the same questions for us? This song is an exploration of that idea. And ultimately coming to the conclusion that I, of course, can’t know for sure the answers to these questions, but that through asking them, I’m learning to make peace with where I have ended up and where I am going.”

Skyler Brown directed the video for the song.

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