Ears Wide Open: Ciao Howdy

Ciao Howdy

Ciao Howdy is the new project formed last year by singer-songwriter T-Bone (née Tiffany) Preston (Rainbow Arabia) and drummer Dylan Ryan (Cursive, Fatal Jamz, Man Man, Marjorie Fair). Next week brings the first in a series of “micro EP” (two-song) releases made with producer Mudrock at his Hobby Shop Studio in L.A.

“Go to Hell” and “In the Garden” plumb the sparkling, bittersweet music of artists such as 10,000 Maniacs, Edie Brickell and the Sundays. The tracks, officially out Sept. 6 via Time No Place, feature the talents of guitarist Omar Schambacher (Great Spiders) and keyboardist Danny Preston (Rainbow Arabia, Future Pigeon) on keys.

If we’re gonna watch anything “Go to Hell,” please let there be guitars and vocals like these. Feels like 1990 gold.

A full-length is planned for 2024.

||| Stream: “Go to Hell” and “In the Garden”