Ears Wide Open: JESSA

JESSA (Photo by Taylor Falshaw)

L.A. newbie Jessa Hadik lived in Chicago and Nashville, before, armed with a bunch of songs, she planted herself on the West Coast. Releasing her music mononymously as JESSA, the singer-songwriter made an auspicious debut last week with the single “Sleep With Boys.”

Wielding a sultry alto, JESSA wonders, “Do I sleep with boys / to convince myself I’m pretty?” as she wrestles with self-worth, regret and the inevitable heartbreak on the track, which was made with producer-songwriter Peter Cho.

Plus, there’s whistling.

“Sleep With Boys” brings to mind any number of indie-pop diarists, but the song’s intimacy and the equanimity with which JESSA navigates her feelings — the ability to step outside herself — makes you want to hear more.

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