Ears Wide Open: Rigby


Twenty-four-year-old Kelly Rose Golden releases music under the name Rigby, first emerging with an EP, 2019’s “It’s Not Real,” that she recorded in her college dorm room. She’s released some singles (notably, “Headache”) and two more EPs since.

Rigby’s music lives in a lo-fi world where songs’ emotional impact is greater than the sum of their parts. Distorted riffs, unvarnished production and plaintive vocals bring Golden’s diary entries to life, rendering them relatable and poignant. It’s no surprise that artists such as Liz Phair and Grouper are among her inspirations.

Rigby is working on her debut full-length, with Paul Larson (Datamaps, The Minor Canon) producing. “Push” is the first single, a hypnotic and insistent paean to friendship.

||| Stream: “Push”