L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 10 on 88.5 The SoCal Sound


Join me at 10 tonight on 88.5 The SoCal Sound for the L.A. Buzz Bands Show — I’ll have songs from Wait. Think. Fast., Mitch Rowland, Cold War Kids, Geographer, Shannon Hurley, Morgan Paros, Nic Hessler, Trousdale, Tender Misfit, Ryan Ritual, Dengue Fever, Janelane, the Record Company and more, plus a choice cover by Ramonda Hammer.

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Janelane, “Useless”
Mitch Rowland, “Here Comes the Comeback”
Wait. Think. Fast., “Vamos Juntos” (feat. Ceci Bastida)
Ryan Ritual, “Smile”
Morgan Paros, “What Love Is”
Ethan Tasch, “Holdup” (feat. Spill Tab)
Trousdale, “Smart Iowa”
Cold War Kids, “Another Name”
Nic Hessler, “I Know You Know”
Tender Misfit, “All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Die)”
Shannon Hurley, “Empty World” (feat. Fuzzbee Morse)
Geographer, “You Never Know”
Dengue Fever, “Touch Me Not”
Yoke Lore, “Hallucinate”
The Record Company, “Roll With It”
Ramonda Hammer, “The Man Who Sold the World”