Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 267)

Cover image by Mahdi Bafande via

Here’s Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 267), Buzz Bands LA’s latest mix of tracks we’ve covered recently on this here portal. Dive in to hear songs from Polyglam, Escape Artist Lovers, HEALTH, Rocket, Noelle Sucks, BEL, the Linda Lindas, Leslie Stevens, Agender, Go Betty Go, Towa Bird, the Palms, Les Biches, Plague Vendor, Devon Again and a bunch more.

And if you’re hungry for more, peruse our past playlists here or on Spotify. Find info on the artists and their music beneath the player.

Rocket, “Portrait Show”
Leslie Stevens, “Secrets”
Noelle Sucks, “Ugly Ugly”
HEALTH, “Children of Sorrow”
Chelsea Wolfe, “Dusk”
Agender, “Damaged Girls”
Plague Vendor, “Keep It Up”
Escape Artist Lovers, “Punctuation”
Towa Bird, “This Isn’t Me”
Cupid & Psyche, “Spirit”
BEL, “Forget Everything”
Les Biches, “Blue Passage”
Polyglam, “Town”
Windser, “TV”
Go Betty Go, “Keep Up”
Death Lens, “Vacant”
The Linda Lindas, “Resolution/Revolution”
Devon Again, “Deep”
The Palms, “Talk Too Much”
Deap Vally, “Baby I Call hell” (Deap Vally’s Version)
Hit Bargain, “Degree Decree”
Chris Farren, “First Place”
Career Woman, “Passing”