Photos: Teenage Wrist at the Lodge Room

Teenage Wrist at the Lodge Room (Photo by Notes From Vivace)

Teenage Wrist had one last stop on a tour that took them across the country for their month-long celebration of their third album, “Still Love,” released in August. That final stop was playing to the hometown crowd Sunday night at the Lodge Room, where fans absconded with setlists before the band even played their first notes and yelled out screams of love.

The 14-song show emphasized the new album, but plenty of songs were played from their prior two albums, “Earth Is A Black Hole” and “Chrome Neon Jesus.” As the band took their places on stage, a fan yelled out to drummer Anthony Salazar, “Anthony, you’re home.” That got a smile from the drummer who sneaked a look between the drum set to see who was calling him out. Singer-guitarist Marshall Gallagher came up to the mic and adjusted his baseball cap, “What’s up, Los Angeles. We’re called Teenage Wrist.” The rockers then launched into the heavy, catchy beats of “Sunshine.” Later, “Swallow” got a strong response from the fans.

The night was a group effort. Gallagher and Salazar brought up their former bandmate and lead singer, Kamtin Monagher (who, as Heavenward, played earlier in the night in support of his own new album, “Pyrophonics”), to sing 2019’s “Stoned, Alone” and “Humbug,” a collaborative track from Teenage Wrist’s new album. Tourmates Spiritual Cramp also came on stage to join in a song.

Throughout the set, Gallagher often faced off with Salazar as the two drove the music. When the music got too wild, Gallagher was seen blowing his hair out of his eyes. He also called out Spiritual Cramp, saying, “I hate playing after those guys.”

For “Diorama,” the band slowed it out. Just before launching into “Mary,” Gallagher had to deal with a broken guitar strap (“The strap would break on the last day of the tour,” Gallagher said.) The song itself made one wonder who this Mary is and how her life is going at the moment. “Cigarette Two Step” brought thunder and lightning to the set. Gallagher mentioned that there would be no encore as people had to work the next day, but not him. He had other plans, “smoking weed, drinking a lot of beer and cleaning my house.”

Opening for Teenage Wrist were Spiritual Cramp, Heavenward and Slow Joy. Spiritual Cramp set up the stage with two small TVs; the screens played snow throughout the set. Lead singer Michael Bingham made sure that people called him Mike as he punched and leaped to the heavens throughout the set. An amusing moment came when Salazar joined the band on drums, “I want to play something fast. If I wanted to play something slow, I’d play some Teenage Wrist,” he joked. The band had the crowd dancing up until almost the end. It stopped at the last song as the crowd switched to a mosh pit celebration. Heavenward’s Monagher followed, keeping his footwork in perfect balance as he lunged to and from the microphone (which ended up needing some TLC from a Lodge Room technician). Slow Joy started their set looking for their guitarist. The lead singer found him in the crowd and pointed out that he should be up on stage. Then with a couple hard stomps the band played their Texan punk, which included the singer executing a perfect slide across the Lodge Room stage that ended at the feet of his late arriving guitarist.

Teenage Wrist Setlist: Sunshine, Dark Sky, Swallow, Dweeb, Humbug, Stoned, Alone, Digital Self, Yellowbelly, Silverspoon, Diorama, Still Love, Mary, Cigarette Two Step, Earth Is A Black Hole

Photos and recap by Notes From Vivace