Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 268)

Cover image by Wolfgang Hasselman via

Here’s Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 268), the new playlist from Buzz Bands LA, featuring new music from Ian Sweet, Irontom, Tender Misfit, Livingmore, Sun Room, Talker, Lone Kodiak, Matt Costa, the Rare Occasions, Rett Madison, Mini Trees, SPELLES, Black Polish, Sisters of Black Mountain and more.

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Talker, “Twentysomething”
Irontom, “Narcissist”
Tender Misfit, “All Eyes on Me”
Lone Kodiak, “Werewolf Girl!”
SPELLES, “Night Terrors”
Rett Madison, “One for Jackie, One for Crystal”
Black Polish, “Graves”
Sun Room, “At Least I Tried”
Livingmore, “At Ease”
Matt Costa, “The Golden Ghost”
Mini Trees, “Push and Pull”
Joy Weather, “Gold”
Sisters of Black Mountain, “Spirit Board”
Trophy Wives, “Cowboy Mama”
Ian Sweet, “Smoking Again”
Dusty Durston, “Smoking Through a Summer Cold”
Katelyn Tarver, “Quitter”
The Rare Occasions, “Black Balloons”
Wax Owls, “All on Red”