Photos: The Breeders, Belly at the Wiltern

The Breeders at the Wiltern (Photo by Stevo Rood / A Rood Photo)


“Gigantic” to “Geppetto,” ’90s nirvana (with a small n) was in fashion Thursday night at the Wiltern, where the Breeders and Belly made a tour stop.

The Breeders were celebrating the September release of “Last Splash (30th Anniversary Original Analog Edition),” and as advertised they played the original album in its entirety, dispensing with the two bonus tracks on the reissue.

The sold-out crowd arrived early to catch Belly’s 10-song set. Even though Tanya Donnelly was a founding member of the Breeders, this tour marked the first occasion they shared a bill. Courtney Barnett was one of those early attendees.

The Breeders walked on stage to “Bela Legosi’s Dead.” Perfect. They dove straight into “Last Splash,” playing it note perfect from the whistle in “Cannonball” to the wind chimes on “Invisible Man.” Drummer Jim MacPherson and bassist Josephine Wiggs swapped places during “No Aloha” and “Roi,” as it is on the album. Kim and Kelley Deal had energy to spare. Kelley supplied lead vocals for “I Just Want To Get Along.” Until the volume kicked in, you could hear the audience singing every lyric. The violin on “Drivin’ On 9” sounded sublime. They even performed album-ender “Roi (reprise).”

When the Breeders finished “Last Splash,” a fan nearby asked if the show was over. Told that in most cases bands follow their marquee album with a greatest hits set, she replied, “That was their greatest hits.”

For the encore, the Breeders started with “Gigantic” and performed “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” and “When I Was a Painter” with Donnelly.

Breeders setlist: New Year, Cannonball , Invisible Man, No Aloha, Roi, Do Love Me Now?, Flipside, I Just Want To Get Along, Mad Lucas, Divine Hammer, S.O.S., Hags, Saints, Drivin’ On 9, Roi (reprise). Encore: Gigantic, MetaGoth, Doe, Walking With A Killer, Wait In The Car , Glorious, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, When I Was A Painter, Iris.

Belly setlist: Dusted, Gepetto, Super-Connected, Shiny One, Human Child, Red, Slow Dog. Now They’ll Sleep, Feed the Tree, Low Red Moon.

Photos by Stevo Rood / ARood Photo