Ears Wide Open: Tomorrow’s Tigers

Tomorrow's Tigers (Photo by Todd Kappelt)

Drawing their inspiration from sci-fi movie soundtracks and sentiments of personal nostalgia, North Hollywood synth-rock duo Tomorrow’s Tigers manage to hit all the feels in their four-song debut EP. Lead single “Odeon” is an unequivocal New Wave dance party, while “The Dweller” takes on a more dramatic tone with somber piano melodies, fervent vocal duet and a big cinematic ending.

Even though this is Tomorrow’s Tigers’ first EP, Chris Punsalan and Autumn Proemm have a musical history together that spans over 20 years, including as co-founders of New York-based the iO’s, who released music on Kanine Records. After relocating to L.A., they formed Wishboat.

The visual for “Odeon” is an homage to the now-defunct theater chain Cineplex Odeon, where Punsalan once worked. Eighties kids, have at it.

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