Photos: Interpol at the Greek Theatre

Interpol at the Greek Theatre (Photo by Stevo Rood / ARood Photo)


Interpol took audiences on a mesmerizing journey through their iconic discography with two shows at the Greek Theatre to close out the 2023 season. The first show opened with the hauntingly beautiful “Untitled,” setting a mysterious and nostalgic tone for the set to come. As Interpol delved into classics like “C’mere” and “The Rover,” the audience remained on its feet, captivated by Paul Banks’ enigmatic vocals and Daniel Kessler’s distinctive guitar work.

The band’s setlist was a well-curated mix of their beloved hits and deep cuts. Songs like “My Desire” and “Take You on a Cruise” provided a glimpse into their more melancholic and introspective side, while “Obstacle 1” and “NYC” showcased their ability to create dark, alluring anthems that resonated with fans both new and old. The show reached its pinnacle with electrifying renditions of “Evil” and “PDA.”

Interpol’s encore was equally impressive, featuring a blend of newer tracks such as “All the Rage Back Home” and the timeless favorite “Slow Hands.” The overall performance demonstrated that Interpol’s music has not only stood the test of time but continues to inspire and excite their audience.

Setlist: Untitled, C’mere, The Rover, My Desire, Take You on a Cruise, Into the Night, Roland, Pioneer to the Falls, Obstacle 1, Fables, Not Even Jail, Rest My Chemistry, Toni, Evil, NYC, PDA. Encore: Lights, All the Rage Back Home, Slow Hands

Photos by Stevo Rood / ARood Photo