Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 269)

Cover image by Eugene Golovesov via

Happy new week: Buzz Bands LA’s latest playlist, Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 269), beckons. Click play to hear songs from Mo Dotti, Escape Artist Lovers, Dove Armitage, Saint Motel, Bad Suns, Kate Clover, Lo Moon, Eliza McLamb, Roe Kapara, Ruth Radelet, Steven van Betten, Jess Joy, John-Robert, Billy Uomo, Pr0files and more.

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Mo Dotti, “For Anyone and You”
Ruth Radelet, “Shoot Me Down”
Dream, Ivory & Jay Som, “Milk”
Kate Clover, “No More Romance”
Staircase Wit, “Albatross”
Dove Armitage, “It Won’t Die”
Bad Suns, “Living or Dying”
Escape Artist Lovers, “Follow the Leader”
Lo Moon, “Evidence”
Pr0files, “L.I.M.E.”
Billy Uomo, “I Need You Now”
Steven van Betten, “Friendship”
Jess Joy, “My Body”
John-Robert, “Sweet Child”
Eliza McLamb, “Anything You Want”
Windows, “Long-While”
Dolly Dagger, “Sick”
Saint Motel, “Slowly Spilling Out”
Roe Kapara, “Fajita!”
Tomorrow’s Tigers, “Odeon”
Harmony, “Yesterday”