Video: Ty Segall ‘My Room’

Ty Segall (Photo by Denée Segall)

Ty Segall is playing guitar, bass and drums — and getting pelted with bananas — in the video for his new single, “My Room.” Derive whatever symbolism you wish, but at least they aren’t rotten tomatoes.

The single released last week, heralds the arrival of the O.C. native’s 15th album, “Three Bells,” out Jan. 26 via Drag City Records. Working yet again with producer Cooper Crain, “Three Bells” heads in the opposite direction of his previous acoustic album, “Hello, Hi,” and straight towards a fuller, larger sound, utilizing acoustic and electric guitars right on top of each other. The 15-track album brings back bass player Emmett Kelly, who has played on four other Ty Segall albums. Segall also collaborated with his wife, Denée Segall (who’s credited with coming up with the banana-chucking concept of the new video) on five songs, as well as members of the Freedom Band.

On the single, Segall bonds with the introverts, singing, “Out there I am nothing / I am something inside my room / Inside my room.” The call-and-response structure fits the narrative of the song well — for each verse, the electric guitar answers in biting tones.

“My Room” follows August release of the almost-seven-minute prog-tastic track “Void,” and the September single “Eggman,” a symphony of guitar squalor accompanied by a video in which Segall eats hard-boiled eggs, lots of ’em.

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