Ears Wide Open: Rah Rah Rabbit

Rah Rah Rabbit

Rah Rah Rabbit are a new cosmic country outfit fronted by singer-songwriter Laura Anne Lacy (she was “Rabbit” in Alice and the Rabbit) and surrounded by a crew of more-than-capable scene veterans: Joe Napolitano on drums, Andy Creighton on lead guitar, Phoebe Silva on fiddle, Jillinda Palmer on backing vocals and Dave “Mustang” Lang on bass. Having dealt in folk-blues in her previous band, Lacy goes for full-on country fun on Rah Rah Rabbit’s single, “Game You’re Playing.”

Like many a honky-tonk song, “Game You’re Playing” is a first-person ballad about overcoming a difficult relationship. Written in just one day, Lacy’s vocals flow and rhyme effortlessly, keeping you hooked in the story: “Well I don’t know who’s keeping score / But I know that we’ve done this before / So throw in the towel or call in the coach / But I ain’t gonna play this no more.”

Rah Rah Rabbit earlier this summer released “Wolves,” a gypsy folk song with raspy vocals, a big groove and a rollicking fiddle. “Dust,” a heart-rending waltz released last year, is an homage to Lacy’s late brother.

Rah Rah Rabbit’s video for “Game You’re Playing” will be screening at Music Video Mini Fest from 3 to 9 p.m. on Dec. 3 at Boomtown Brewery in Downtown L.A. It’s a benefit for the Downtown Women’s Center, a local nonprofit.

||| Watch: The video for “Game You’re Playing”

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