Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 271)

Cover image by Daniel Castellón via

Here’s Buzz Bands LA’s latest playlist, Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 271). Some of it’s pretty mellow, some of it decidedly not. Which is not unlike a lot of holiday weekends we’ve spent. Although there are no overtly holiday-themed songs here, unless you count “Good Luck.”

Press play to hear tunes from Cuffed Up, Laena Myers, SWIMM, Yungatita, Lone Kodiak, Meija (feat. Eels), Lucius, Warpaint, the Palms, Foxtide, Halo Kitsch, Malena Cadiz, 18 Wheeler, Cheekface, Saint Kid and more. Maybe if you’re traveling somewhere the next few days, this will be fine way to kill and hour.

Meanwhile, you can check out our past playlists here or on Spotify. Links to info on the artists and their music beneath the player.

Meija, “Possum” (feat. Eels)
Lauren Ruth Ward, “Self Love”
Cuffed Up, “Little Wins”
Warpaint, “Ankhas”
Big Search, “Loose Ends”
Laena Myers, “Give ’Em Hell”
Cheekface, “Largest Muscle”
SWIMM, “Something in the Night”
Yungatita, “Whiplash”
Lone Kodiak, “Inner Monologue”
Halo Kitsch, “I Was a Virgin (On Drugs)”
Foxtide, “Hold On”
Lucius, “Stranger Danger”
The Palms, “Ready or Not”
Saint Kid, “Pieces of You”
Malena Cadiz, “Call It a Night”
Yogurt & Giant Killer Bats, “Good Luck”
Eyedress & The Marías, “Separate Ways”
18 Wheeler, “Lunch”
Rah Rah Rabbit, “Game You’re Playing”