Stream: Talker, ‘Drag Your Feet’

Talker (Photo by Sean Berger)

“Drag Your Feet” is latest candid “memo to self” from Celeste Tauchar — aka Talker — who will release her debut album next year.

Over three EPs, Talker’s catchy confessionals have ranged from aching dream-pop to agitated pop-punk (see her other single released this year, “Twentysomething”), and “Drag Your Feet,” released today, walks the footsteps of OG emo-pop.

“I’ve said that the songs on my new record are my most honest songs ever — but that doesn’t always just mean being honest with others,” Talker says of the single. “Sometimes, it means accepting a hard truth for yourself. ‘Drag Your Feet’ was written after the end of a five-year relationship that had been slowly dying for a really long time. It’s the story of two people crashing into each other’s lives where their roads converge, but then realizing it’s just one point on the map — those roads have to separate.

“The chorus lyrics ‘We’re not going the same way, walking the same pace, wanting the same things / Either way I can take it, don’t want to waste it’ allude to that shifting-of-life plans, but also the relief of finally facing the truth. The longer we hold onto things that aren’t meant for us, the harder it is to feel in alignment with ourselves. Knowing that you can take the pain, and shouldn’t waste the lessons learned, is empowering. It’s also really hard to accept. But staying always ends up being harder in the long run.”

Talker worked with a host of producers/collaborators on the forthcoming album, including Collin Pastore and Jake Finch (Lucy Dacus, Boygenius, Illuminati Hotties), Daniel Loumpouridis (Louis the Child, King Mala, Ryan Woods), Jon Graber (We Are The Union, Goldfinger, The All-American Rejects), Jordan Blackmon (Toro y Moi) and Aidan Hogg (G Flip, Hatchie). Blackmon, Graber and Wolcott helped shape “Drag Your Feet.”

The video, directed by Talker, sees her going through a cathartic packing of the bags, though not without some internal conflict.

||| Watch: The video for “Drag Your Feet”

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