Watch: Giant Waste of Man, ‘Stuck Here Forever’

Giant Waste of Man

A person I met at a holiday party asked me a loaded question: “When someone says to you ‘L.A. band,’ who comes to mind?”

I paused a beat, then replied, “Giant Waste of Man. And if not them, all of Los Angeles’ other tryers, DIYers, underdogs, day-job jugglers, dreamers, screamers, schemers, buskers, side players, sound engineers, guitar techs, merch slingers and otherwise unsung heroes. But mostly, Giant Waste of Man.”

||| Watch: Giant Waste of Man’s short film “Stuck Here Forever”

||| Live: Giant Waste of Man perform a free show on Jan. 23 at El Cid (info). Support their album, “Biographer.”