Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 274)

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On this week’s many-splendored playlist, Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 274), we tip our caps to Beware of Darkness (the final two albums from Kyle Nicolaides’ project come out later this year); toast new singles (and album announcements) by Kim Gordon, Leslie Stevens, ASHRR and Peel; welcome fresh sounds from Lee Lewis, Gold Star, Jelani Aryeh, Dent May and Winter; and hear more singles from soon-to-arrive albums from Chelsea Wolfe, Levitation Room, Jakobs Castle, Pouty, Night Club and more.

I have possibly interesting notes on these releases beneath the player. For instance, Beware of Darkness is doing a Zoom show on Saturday afternoon. The new Leslie Stevens video, featuring Jon Hamm, is not to be missed. And Dent May has a hotline.

Happy weekend.

Beware of Darkness, “The Streets” — Singer-songwriter-shredder Kyle Nicolaides is closing the books on his project Beware of Darkness by issuing its final two albums later this year. He’s also doing a Zoom concert on Saturday at 2 p.m. Pacific. Tickets, more info on the releases here.

Chelsea Wolfe, “Everything Turns Blue” — Reaching out to you with a reminder that Chelsea Wolfe’s seventh album, “She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She.” will be out Feb. 9, if you’re in to things that send shivers up your spine. Wolfe headlines the Novo on March 30.

Kim Gordon, “Bye Bye” — Hide the children — or don’t, since Kim Gordon’s daughter Coco Gordon Moore stars in the video — “Bye Bye” grinds its way to the top of the tracklist of the rock legend’s second solo album “The Collective” (out March 8). Live March 27 at the Regent Theater.

Lee Lewis, “Delusion” — File under: Pop artists to watch. The second single from L.A. native Lee Lewis is “dark, queer and a little sassy lyrically,” he says. (Also, see his debut, “Willing & Able.”)

Leslie Stevens, “Big Time, Sucka” — The big news from Leslie Stevens is that her new album, a self-titled affair, will be out Feb. 23. The ornate “Big Time, “Sucka” is the latest single. Plus, there’s a new video (directed by Paige Stark) for “Blue Roses,” which was released in October, and the video co-stars fellow St. Louis native Jon Hamm. Good times.

Gold Star, “Wild Boys” — A year-plus since his third album “Headlights U.S.A.,” songwriter Marlon Rabenreither returns with a slice of open-road Americana. Watch the video.

Levitation Room, “Revelations” — The L.A. four-piece posit that their new single is “Black Sabbath meets early Tame Impala.” KO, then. Further know that their new album, “Strange Weather,” is out Feb. 16. Levitation Room (along with Boogarins) levitate the Teragram Ballroom on Feb. 23.

Winter, “The Lonely Girl” — Winter’s first new music since her 2022 album “What Kind of Blue Are You?” comes with the news that she will opening for Drop Nineteens (!) on April 25 at the Belasco. In case you need some shoegaze bliss after Coachella.

ASHRR, “Fizzy” — The trio of Ethan Allen, Josh Charles, and Steven Davis introduce their new EP, “Meet Scientist / Meet Felix Dickinson” (out Feb. 12), with this glossy slice of disco.

Eliza McLamb, “Modern Woman” — One of the gems on McLamb’s debut album, the Sarah Tudzin-produced “Going Through It,” which came out this week. McLamb headlines the Troubadour on April 26, with Mini Trees supporting.

Peel, “Y2J” — Peel is the duo of Sean Cimino and Isom Innis, both members of Foster The People. Their album, “Acid Star,” is out March 29 via Innovative Leisure.

Jelani Aryeh, “I’m in Love” — “It reminds me of a Katy Perry song, but with a black dude singing,” the San Diego 23-year-old says of the first single from his sophomore album, expected this summer.

Katie Costello, “Polaroid” — “Stereotype,” the fourth album (and first since 2017) from L.A. native Katie Costello, came out this week. Picture that. Live on March 2 at the Hotel Café Second Stage.

Dent May, “One Call, That’s All” — The L.A.-based Mississippi native advised that the titular phone call be to his new hotline, 1-833-DENT-MAY.

Pouty, “TV on TV” — Rachel Gagliardi (Slutever, Upset), whose debut album “Forgot About Me” is out Feb. 9, is back with a punchy, fun (and Weezer-esque) single. “Escape out West / where there’s TV on TV / and you can feel your best / the way it oughta be,” she sings in a postcard from California.

Jakobs Castle, “Catch Me” — New single from the solo project of Jakob Nowell, who, it was announced this week, will be performing with his late father Brad’s band, Sublime, at Coachella. Jakobs Castle’s album, “Enter: The Castle,” will be out in April via Epitaph.

Rustbelt, “Gimme a Sign” — John Chiaverina (fka Juiceboxxx) has released his new EP, “You Got Nowhere To Go But You’re Going There Tonight,” the second for his new indie-rock project.

Night Club, “Crime Scene” — The veteran synth-pop duo (Mark Brooks and Emily Kavanaugh) will issue “Masochist,” their first album since 2020, on March 15. Live on April 3 at the Echoplex.

Son of the Velvet Rat, “Rosary” (feat. Jolie Holland) — The prolific Joshua tree duo of Georg Altziebler and Heike Binder will release their new album, “Ghost Ranch,” on March 22. Director Gordon Clark’s video is worth your time.

Gregory Uhlmann, “Phosphene” — We bring this week’s playlist in for a soft landing with a new, too-brief expedition from Gregory Uhlmann (Fell Runner), who will release his new album, “Small Day,” on Feb. 23.