L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 10 on 88.5 The SoCal Sound


Join me at 10 tonight on 88.5 FM The SoCal Sound for the L.A. Buzz Bands Show — this week’s local music hour features new tunes from Mondo Cozmo, Jay Som, Remi Wolf, Nightjacket, Aaron Frazer and Towa Bird, along with a track from the farewell EP from Deap Valley — plus, the debut songs from Forever Never Changes (new project from Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge) and Dosiopath (new project from Deap Valley’s Julie Edwards and Great Northern’s Solon Bixler). Additionally, I’ll have recent faves from Nitefire, Illuminati Hotties, Sparkbyrd, Gospelbeach, Big Search and more.

Find the playlist below; and go here to find archives of recent programs.

Mondo Cozmo, “Angels”
Nightjacket, “All My Friends”
Towa Bird, “Sorry Sorry”
Redd Kross, “Candy Coloured Catastrophe”
Jay Som, “If I Could”
Remi Wolf, “Alone in Miami”
Nitefire, “LA’s Got Gorgeous”
Illuminati Hotties, “Can’t Be Still”
Dosiopath, “Parade of YAY”
Forever Never Changes, “Only”
Deap Vally, “It’s My World”
Gospelbeach, “Losin’ Patience”
Sparkbyrd, “Arrow”
Big Search, “Luck Rains Down”
Monogem, “Lemon Tree”
Aaron Frazer, “Time Will Tell”