Video premiere: Figs Vision, ‘Backwards’


The “mystic pop” of L.A. quartet Figs Vision filters old soul and aching balladry through modern technology, creating synth-scapes that bend notes and percolate emotion. The new video for the song “Backwards” takes a similarly avant-garde tack, as a rotation of eight or so dancers give their bodies to the groove, often in unusual ways. The video, produced by Una Projects, was directed by Jake Saner, with choreography by Chuck Wilt. The songs appears on the debut album “Mothers,” which came out in July, from the quartet of singer-guitarist Jordan Spoliansky, Zackary Darling and Gunner and Storm Sixx.

||| Live: Figs Vision performs Monday night at the Echo as part of Wartime Recitals’ residency, along with the End of Summer and Jag Sun.

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