Stream: The Fontaines, ‘Cate Blanchett’



First, it was “Paul Newman.” Then, “Dustin Hoffman.” And for their third single, the Fontaines continue the march of apparent celebrity homage with “Cate Blanchett,” their most throwback-sounding ditty in their growing retroist catalog. Siblings Hank and Charlotte Fontaine call their music “new-wop,” and indeed it updates the finger-snapping goodness of the 1950s with modern flourishes. As Hank explained when the duo dropped its first single, though, the song titles are a sly commentary on tabloid obsessions rather than paeans to their namesakes. Anyway, Charlotte Fontaine’s coquettish vocals on “Cate Blanchett” sound like the in thing, man, and (spoiler alert) we can’t wait for the next single, “Dusty Springfield.”

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||| Live: The Fontaines wind up their January residency at the Silverlake Lounge on Monday night.