Premiere: Molly Moore, ‘Peace of My Heart’

Molly Moore (Photo by David Lee)
Molly Moore (Photo by David Lee)

There’s a piece of Molly Moore’s heart in her seemingly homonym-challenged new single “Peace of My Heart,” but unlike Janis Joplin in the classic song, Moore is merely talking about finding equilibrium. “A lot of times, love can mean giving up control,” the New York-reared, L.A.-based singer says. “The hardest part is trusting that something/someone you love won’t wreak havoc on your emotions when you hand over the peace of your heart.” The single, produced by Griffin Fornell and co-written by Brandyn Burnette, follows the previously released “Don’t Believe It” and “Natural Disaster;” the remix of the latter by Chicago producers Win & Woo was all the rage on Hype Machine. Moore, whose early songs found their way into myriad television shows, has also collaborated as a songwriter-for-hire, but in her new solo material she exudes the confidence of the intrepid pop siren, even over production intent on chopping and pitch-shifting every note. She’ll be speaking her piece, and seeking some peace, when her debut EP is released later this month.

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