Video: Lawrence Rothman, ‘Users’

Lawrence Rothman
Lawrence Rothman

Lawrence Rothman has more personalities than Sybil. If the L.A.-based native Midwesterner isn’t the Most Interesting Man in the Indie Orbit right now, we don’t know who is. The music he has teased and the videos he has unveiled leading up to next year’s release on Downtown Records make Ariel Pink seem button-down. The latest is the video for “Users,” directed by Floria Sigismondi and featuring with an appearance by the L.A.-based French actress and singer-songwriter SoKo. This video, with its repetitive imagery, is less extravagant than Rothman’s previous outings (all linked at the bottom of this post), but it’s just as dark, leaving open the many interpretations of the song’s title. “Users” is part of Rothman’s new mixtape “24-Hour Church” (boasting a collaboration with MNDR), a liturgy of the heavy-voiced artist’s choral synth-pop. Even without visuals, it makes for riveting theater. His album “The Book of Law” will be out next year.

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