Video premiere: The Black Windmill, ‘Memory Girl’

The Black Windmill
The Black Windmill

There are rivers of U.K. rock history — Britpop, shoegaze, psychedelia — running through the veins of “Memory Girl,” the new single from the L.A. collective The Black Windmill. The band is anchored by singer-guitarist Axel Ray Steuerwald (whose work in United Ghosts has the same blood type) and guitarist-experimental artist Michael Deragon, who are joined by a host of guests.

“Sometimes there’s seven people in the room at a session and sometimes it’s just two of us sitting around a computer,” Steuerwald says. “It’s strangely liberating and a touch scary telling yourself not to care who’s going to be there, but that’s the idea.” Contributing tot he Black Windmill’s self-titled EP were Indonesian-born singer Kanya Iwana, Sha Sabi (United Ghosts), Charlie Woodburn (Magic Wands), Izzy Glaudini (La Forza), Rizz (VOWWS) and Glenn Fryatt (Roman Remains). Director Caine Devore’s video for “Memory Girl” is fittingly trippy, the band performing as psychedelic effects fade in and out. It’s the kind of stuff that jogs memories — of Ride, the Charlatans UK, Chapterhouse, low lights and smoke machines. Good times, then and now.

||| Watch: the video for “Memory Girl”

||| Also: Download the song here, and stream “118”