Stream: Bad Wave, ‘3AM’

Bad Wave
Bad Wave

The most engaging parts of the new single “3AM” from Bad Wave aren’t the video arcade synths that make Tucker Tota and Patrick Hart sound like they’re dancing a Space Invaders jig. It’s the drunk-as-hell lyrics that find singer Tota recounting a night out with a certain somebody: “We’re in a bathroom and it’s 3AM / I can’t remember if I came with friends / But I can see you clearly.” It’s the latest space-disco ditty from the L.A. duo, which shimmies merrily along until the 2:50 mark, when the synths melt down and, his head obviously swirling, Tota tries to get a grip on things: “Right now I feel a bit used / By myself and a little by you / Right now I need to forget / That you never really were a brunette / What are we doing? / What are we doing at this guy’s house / Is that a dog or a really big mouse?” File under: Synth-pop most likely to give you a hangover.

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