Stream: Maxim Ludwig, ‘No One Has To Know’

Maxim Ludwig (photo by Lera Pentelute)

The opening notes of “No One Has To Know” strike familiar territory occupied by the Cars in a listener’s memory bank. In a good way. Even more so by the time the synth makes an appearance. Ever the exuberant musician, Maxim Ludwig has long demonstrated a propensity for embracing classic sounds and making them his own. “No One Has To Know” will appear on “Libra-Scorpio Cusp,” his debut full-length album arriving June 2 via Hit City U.S.A., who also released his single, “All My Nightmares”/”Assembly Line,” back in 2015 (both songs are on the new record, too). After making a big splash at age 19, getting screwed by the industry, partying too much and recovering from a failure hangover, Ludwig is older now, and wiser, probably. “No One Has To Know” is about the negative impact the relationship with technology has on intimacy, except for when it comes to sex, according to him. Intriguing. If there’s a mailing list for sexy text messages of his facial hair, please sign us up. 

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