Video premiere: Cosmos & Creature, ‘Bad Drug’

Cosmos & Creature (Photo by Jennica Abrams)
Cosmos & Creature (Photo by Jennica Abrams)

L.A.-based Cosmos & Creature are quickly becoming become modern pop’s It Couple — two twentysomethings who took the DIY route to build promising solo careers before teaming up to take on the universe of glossy, commercial electronica. And so far, so good: The duo of Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore went viral with last year’s single “Young,” which bumped outside the confines of much of today’s dance music, and this month released “Bad Drug,” the first single from their forthcoming EP.

The release continues a prolific streak for the duo. Burnette is a St. Louis native who was once signed to Warner Bros., famously turned his back on “American Idol,” has co-written and produced with other artists, has released two EPs and, after a chance meeting with Moore at the Hotel Café, collaborated with her. She is a New York native whose exploits have included the 2015 single “Peace of My Heart” (which reached No. 1 on the iTunes dance chart), two EPs and assorted collaborations.

Like much of contemporary pop, the music is rooted in ’90s R&B and pop. “Our music is about making something from nothing, and usually comes from working with live instrumentation in a very homegrown way,” Burnette says. Adds Moore: “It’s been fun to get really experimental in the sounds we’re creating, but still have those very poppy toplines.”

The video for “Bad Drug,” complete with its scribbles, was filmed on a business trip. “We wanted to give the world a creative glimpse into our lives as a band and couple, so we cut together footage from a trip we took to New York City when our first single ‘Young’ was released,” the duo says. “It shows how excited we were to put out our first song while simultaneously exploring the playground of New York City and visiting our manager in Woodstock. We also love to add a bit of fantasy to our docu-style footage so we had our friends animate the doodles and lyrics for the video.”

There’s a word for this, we think … how do you say it … adorbs?

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