Stream: Warbly Jets, ‘Ride’

Warbly Jets (Photo by Jason Latham)
Warbly Jets (Photo by Jason Latham)

Warbly Jets’ new single “RIDE” isn’t an homage to the British guitar heroes (although it wouldn’t be out of place with “Black Nite Crash”) — it’s the latest melodic monster from the L.A. quartet of Samuel Shea, Dan Gerbang, Julien O’neill and Justin Goings. Heavy in waves, and riding trippy synths in others, the tune is the fourth to be revealed from the foursome’s self-titled debut album, due Oct. 20. They’ve had our ears since their early psych-pop days, so we’ll let their new singles do the talking. They’re loud.

||| Stream: “RIDE”

||| Live: Warbly jets celebrate their album release with a show Oct. 19 at the Moroccan Lounge. Tickets.

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