Ears Wide Open: The Guest and the Host

The Guest and the Host
The Guest and the Host

Almost a year ago, singer-songwriter-producer Andrew Heringer, a founding member of Milo Greene, began releasing music under his solo moniker the Guest and the Host. Eschewing the whole notion of the album as a format, Heringer’s work came a single at a time, via his own Dawson Records. And when there wasn’t a fresh-out-of-the-oven song from the Guest and the Host, there was a steady trickle of music from other artists with whom he has collaborated as a producer or co-writer. Among those releases are the latest EPs from Madi Diaz (“It’s OK to be Alone”) and Bay Area trio Madi Sipes & the Painted Blue (“Sex & Sadness”), as well as singles from Avid Dancer, Luke Wade, Colyer, Jens Kuross and Norway’s CLMD. While those collabs span several genres, Heringer’s work as the Guest and the Host finds its heartbeat in the ’70s-style folk-rock of his former band’s first album. Tastefully weather-worn, the songs swing from wistful to buoyant and back again, comfy as a denim jacket.

||| Stream: “Remedy”

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