Video premiere: MURCI, ‘Pleasure Pressure’


MURCI is the band helmed by the duo of singer Pablo Murcia and multi-instrumentalist/ producer Curt Barlage (ex-the Bixby Knolls), dealing in synth-drenched glam-R&B that imagines a fantasy world soundtracked by Prince, Michael Jackson, Rick James and George Michael. You know, sexy escapism, the old-school way, with live instruments and vocals that don’t sound like they’ve been through a digital blender.

Their new video for “Pleasure Pressure” deals in escapism too — from the humdrum jobs we work to pay the bills. It stars actress Andriana Manfredi and was filmed in part at the Silver Lake cantina Malo, where she, Murcia and Barlage worked. “It’s about as guerrilla and DIY as it gets,” Barlage says of the video, which he co-directed with Teddy Aguilar and was filmed by Steven Soria. (They have done guerilla videos before.) Murcia says it was “very fun and stress-free to create and execute with close friends … family, essentially.”

After Manfredi flips the switch and escapes the restaurant job, she tours the scene in the sultriest of ways, helping herself to some libations along the way.

||| Watch: The video for “Pleasure Pressure”

||| Live: MURCI celebrates its video release with a screening and performance tonight at the Pattern Bar in downtown L.A. Info.