Video premiere: Mirrorball, ‘This Time’


Mirrorball brings together the talents of singer-songwriter Alexandra Johnstone and guitarist Scott Watson, each with musical roots that date back many years in the L.A. indie scene. Johnstone fronted the folk-pop band White Dove; Watson was shredding in indie-rock bands in the pre-Facebook era.

But it’s all about forging ahead and taking advantage of second and third chances, right? Mirrorball sees the duo engaging in modern dream-pop, as filtered through ’80s New Wave. There are echoes of artists such as Berlin and the Eurythmics in the duo’s debut single “This Time.” The song (along with B-side “Natural World”) arrives Friday via Dangerbird Records’ Microdose series, which has shepherded single releases by artists such as Cones, Dev Ray and Midnight Faces.

At once melancholy and hopeful, “This Time” is like walking down a dim hallway of memories, Johnstone’s expressive vocals riding swells of synths and pinpricks of guitar. The door at the end leads to the future.

The video, premiered here, is directed by Jess T. Johnston.

||| Watch: The video for “This Time”