Premiere: Monogem, ‘So Many Ways’

Monogem (Photo by Sarah Noel)
Monogem (Photo by Sarah Noel)

Monogem’s sensual float on the glassy pond of electronic pop gets swept into the currents of ethereal R&B on the new single “So Many Ways,” her emotions eventually getting caught up in a whirlpool of synths, beats and vocal melodies.

“So Many Ways” and “Lean” (released in May) are the first new songs from singer-songwriter Jen Hirsh since last year’s “Shade,” and also the first from a forthcoming EP. Monogem first started tingling spines with a self-titled EP in 2015, following up with another EP, “100%” (which featured “Wild” and its video starring Coco Arquette), in 2017.

The conceit of this new single is simple: “Love … There are so many ways to feel it, embrace it, define and design it,” Hirsh says. “I wanted to capture all the feelings of falling in love, being in love, being tempted by love, and pulling it all apart, in one song. There’s so much energy and color that we pulled from everyone involved. I want anyone who listens to it to feel energized and free to fall in love with anyone and anything around them.”

It’s all rather dizzying, as you’ll hear.

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