Stream: Oyster Kids, ‘Work It Out’

Oyster Kids (Photo by Blake Zimmerman)

Oyster Kids came back strong earlier this year with “Losing My Mind,” their first single since 2016. Now the Los Angeles quartet is going about setting themselves apart from the indie-pop pack (and it’s more of synth-addled horde than a pack). And they’re doing something right. How do we know? There are other artists now touting their music by saying “we sound like Oyster Kids.”

A week or so ago, Oyster Kids — Andrew Eapen, Roy Tanaka, Robbie Gullage and Jonathan Bradley — released their third single of 2019, “Work It Out.” “[It’s] a song about washing away your troubles and living in the moment,” Eapen says. “There was a lot going on in my life when I wrote this, and I wanted to create something that would take me to a better place.”

Blithe and breezy, the tune takes listeners there on a rubbery bassline and a synth hook that seems to beckon from the deep end of the pool. File under escapist summertime fun.

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