Premiere: Wildcat! Wildcat!, ‘The Chief’


L.A. trio Wildcat! Wildcat! swooped in early this year and stole the hearts of indie-pop fans with two slabs of electro R&B that seemed suspended in the clouds, high on harmonies and ticklish keyboard lines. Now the threesome of Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson and Jesse Carmichael have a full-length album (and an August residency at the Echo) in the works – and the new single “The Chief” is but a small dose. Recorded and self-produced at Taylor’s downtown L.A. loft, the song has a fuzzy Native American theme and a sweet saxophone cameo by William May. Things are moving increasingly quickly for Taylor, Wilson and Carmichael, friends since their days at Westlake High. “I’d always wanted to write music with Michael, so we started something,” Taylor says, “and one day Jesse walked into the room and put a beat on it.”

||| Download: “The Chief”

||| Live: Wildcat! Wildcat! play free shows every Monday in August at the Echo

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