Stream: In the Valley Below, ‘Hymnal’



The physical and spiritual trysts imagined by the music of In the Valley Below seem to simmer rather than boil, the L.A. duo’s songs sending off heat waves that keep everything steamy but shrouded in mystery. After igniting flames back in 2011 with a self-released EP and following that up last year with the sultry single “Peaches,” the duo going by the names Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob have continued to meld their disparate backgrounds – she as a singer-songwriter dealing in languid, cinematic indie-pop and he as a hard-rock guitarist – into something moody and compelling. On April 1, ITVB releases a new EP “Hymnal” via the French label Oskar – three tastes of the duo’s of synth-propelled, guitar-licked mood swings. Warm until ready.

||| Stream: “Hymnal”