Download: You Me & Us, ‘Swim or Sink’


You Me & Us

When we first discovered You Me & Us early last year, Carlee Hendrix and Ignacio Caniza had just released their “Paperweights” EP, a charming blast of fuzz-rock. They didn’t have a song over 2 minutes and 30 seconds then and their latest song “Swim or Sink” off of their forthcoming Bobb Bruno-produced “Stay Inside” EP still clocks in at only 2 minutes and 21 seconds, but who’s really counting? Since then, Hendrix and Caniza have recruited Alyssa Midcalf – and oh, they also landed a slot at Coachella last month. Everything the Palm Springs-based power-pop and shoegaze trio packs in less than 3 minutes is sunny, crunchy and just a little off-kilter enough to make you hit play again in fear of missing out on something else you could have liked in that track. Everything from the unusual lyrics to the sweet vocals to the raucousness simply exhibits You Me & Us’ ability to sonically unite the good stuff.

||| Stream: “Swim or Sink”

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||| Live: You Me & Us play May 29 at Dillon’s Roadhouse in Palm Springs, June 21 at Burger Records and July 27 at Viva! Pomona.