Video: Warships, ‘Heater’


Weird things may happen if you ignore those “No Trespassing” signs. At least that’s what SoCal quintet Warships learn in their Frederik Boll- and Jon Shoer-directed video for “Heater.” It all starts with a box (everything mystical always starts with mysterious box) and a cloud of smoke. Ladies appear out of thin air and the band wanders through a magic funhouse making it a trippy clip for Warhips’ most psychedelic song in comparison to bright pop gems such as “Sleeper Hold” and “Flash Flood” off of their debut EP, “Shadows.” A Warships full-length is slated for a release in 2014.

||| Download: “Heater”

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||| Live: Warships celebrate the release of their “Shadows” EP Wednesday at the Echo with Thrillionaire.