Video: Soft Swells, ‘Lifeboats’


The last time we referenced “Soft Swells” and “summer” was last August, when the L.A. quartet released its undeniable single “Summer Song.” Songwriter Tim Williams and gang again play to their strength in the video for “Lifeboats,” a song off the band’s mood-elevating 2012 debut that gets a new life on Soft Swells’ new “Lifeboats” EP. The video features surfer/model/O’Neill Girl Bree Kleintop, waves, Venice, sand, sunglasses … and a vaguely contented Williams himself, who moved here from Brooklyn four years ago after undergoing open-heart surgery and still looks like a stranger in a strange land. As for the “Lifeboats” EP (out today via Modern Outsider), it reprises “Summer” but also boasts a synthed-out “Lifeboats” remix by Jon Visger, the keyboardist in Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., and a downright startling cover of T. Rex’s “Children of a Revolution.” Hmm, we’ve seen the children of the revolution – they’re at the beach.

||| Live: Soft Swells opens for Wild Cub tonight at the Satellite.

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