Stream: Kan Wakan, ‘Midnight Moon Pt. I & II’


Kan Wakan

Kan Wakan debuted its symphonic rock a year ago, when the L.A. septet was calling itself Oren Lyons. That first single, the R&B-flavored “Forever Found,” and the band’s ensuing residency at the Echo, marked them as sonic sophisticates working from a palette of classical music, Americana, soul, psychedelia and electronica to create compositions with broad emotional sweep. Now wearing their new name and signed to Verve, the band, built around multi-instrumentalist/composer Gueorgui Linev, singer Kristianne Bautista and guitarist Peter Potyondy, is readying their first proper release, the “Forever Found” EP, due next week. (An album originally planned for the fall has been pushed back to early 2014.) The EP boasts a new version of the title track, along with live favorite “Moving On” and this 11-minute slice of splendor, “Midnight Moon Pt. I & II.” Kan Wakan performed this song Saturday night at the Chinatown Moon Festival as the clock struck 12 and, well … put your headphones on and imagine.

||| Stream: “Midnight Moon Pt. I & II”

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Photo by David Benjamin