Ears Wide Open: Figs Vision



Figs Vision implore you to dance in front of your mirror. Thankfully, the L.A. outfit’s new album “Mother” gives you more than just glowstick 4/4 electro as incentive. Figs Vision – the vision of childhood pals Jordan Spoliansky and Gunner Sixx (Nikki’s eldest son) that now includes Zackary Darling and Storm Sixx – draws inspiration equally from the art-rockers of the 1970s and ’80s and the synth-pop darlings on the radio today. Spoliansky’s theatrical, emotionally wounded vocals, sung over wonky synths, build to predictably big, overblown choruses. Much of “Mother” simply plays to current trends (sequencer somersaults, squishy falsetto, empty lyrics), but it has its moments.

||| Stream: “Know to Run” and “Closer”

||| Live: Figs Vision headlines the Echo tonight.