Stream: Monogem, ‘Silhouette’



L.A. duo Monogem today released its debut EP, a self-titled affair that gathers up the four singles they’ve released in the past year and a half along with a new track, “Silhouette.” The collaboration between singer-songwriter and onetime “American Idol” contestant Jen Hirsh and producer-songwriter Scott Smith, Monogem makes slinky, sharp disco-pop that recalls the dynamic divas of the ’80s. “Silhouette” bumps on an elastic synth line as Hirsh beckons the listener closer, imagining a darkened corner of the dancefloor where the smell of perfume, and everything else, is intoxicating.

||| Stream: “Silhouette,” or here the whole EP here.

||| Live: Monogem celebrates the release at a special Tuesday night edition of It’s a School Night at Bardot on Feb. 17.

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