Video: Monogem, ‘Wait and See’

Monogem's Jen Hirsh
Monogem's Jen Hirsh

The gentle message in Monogem’s new video for their 2014 single “Wait and See” is that music has no demographic. Either that, or it’s evidence that you never know what will happen when you give somebody a light. Directed by Michael Guilfoil, the video follows a man — described as “aged” and “aging” in the press releases (points deducted there, publicist) and “an older fella” where it premiered — as he wanders Los Angeles. The protagonist is played by Peter Bernstein, the film composer and son of the legendary Elmer Bernstein, who was a rock bassist back in the day. He eventually finds himself in a club and joins singer Jen Hirsh and her synth-pop outfit for a little magic. Hey, who you callin’ an older fella?

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