Premiere: Lady Low, ‘Rainy Day’



Lady Low’s “romance rock” is where strings and heartstrings collide, the L.A. retro-poppers’ early songs evoking the Spector sound, without the specter of irony. At the center of the fray is rock veteran Jimmy Sweet, who plays his husky baritone off singers Rachel Maxann (who also plays bass and synth), Eden Lee (who also drums), with dual violinists Kaitlin Wolfberg and Hannah Blumenfeld orchestrating even more sweep. Everything is in synch in Lady Low’s new single “Rainy Day” — the balance between Sweet and his female foils, the cascading strings … Well, it’ll leave you in a puddle. The new single is out March 25.

||| Live: Lady Low performs at the Roosevelt Hotel on March 25.

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