Premiere: Lady Low, ‘You & I’

Lady Low
Lady Low

Lady Low’s twist on retro-pop is to imagine a girl group with a leather-jacketed vocal bodyguard. The L.A. outfit’s debut album “And They Say Romance Is Dead” (out digitally on Friday) balances the honeyed vocals of sirens Eden Lee and Shanel Shavers with the crooning baritone of mastermind Jimmy Sweet, who once rocked with the Richmond Sluts and has since played with members of Hot Hot Heat, Fleet Foxes, the Heavy and Beachwood Sparks. The group’s baby-making earworms are backed by the swoon-worthy string trio of violinists Kaitlin Wolfberg and Corinne Olsen and violist Mia Siler. All that, along with some Spector-esque production, give Lady Low’s squishy sentimentality a dignified, cinematic comportment. Even if you weren’t around in the days of pleated, calf-length skirts and chaperoned slow dances, the plucked-then-sweeping strings of “You & I” will make you wanna hold hands with somebody.

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||| Live: Lady Low celebrate their album release with a show tonight at No Vacancy in Hollywood.

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