2015: Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite Videos of the Year


Combing through all the music videos Buzz Bands LA posted in 2015 was a huge, numbingly enjoyable task. This year, we’ve seen a lot of great music by local bands get paired with innovative, unusual, pretty, intense, and funny visual content. From big budgets to DIY, it’s all about creativity and how the video elevates the song. Sit back and enjoy our 15 favorite videos by Los Angeles bands from 2015, and then some more.

Babes — “I Want Love”

Slurping sound effects take this bizarre make-out party directed by Doug Lussenhop (“Tim and Eric Awesome Show”) to another level.

Springtime Carnivore“Other Side of the Boundary”

A very neat slow-scrolling montage of Greta Morgan as her many potential selves.

Harriet“American Appetite”

The making of this video clearly required a fun yet maddeningly OCD arts and crafts session.

Sego“Micky Macali”

Skittering stop motion matches the glitchy rhythm of this song perfectly.

Infantree“Changing Hands”

The black-and-white simplicity of the guys in an empty room with their subtle dance moves and all that Bee Gees-like hair is perfect in its lack of pretense.

Favored Nations“I Can See You”

The mystery involves a pretty girl’s mind, and when all seems lost to outer space in a conch shell, she awakens with a love of pineapple cake and her memory restored.

Peaches“Dick In The Air”

Peaches wins the award this year for having the most genitals in her videos. This video is tame according to the standard she sets. God bless her, and Margaret Cho.

The Garden“All Smiles Over Here :)”

Whimsically morbid images punctuating absurdist instructions delivered by the song, with twins Wyatt and Fletcher Shears looking serious as noodles fly everywhere.

Panthar“Ghost Rocket”

She’s an alien from outer space running around Echo Park. A hairless cat oversees it all.

De Lux — “Oh Man The Future”

Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco hit the streets of Long Beach in an ice cream truck, but instead of delivering treats, they shout about what a mess we’ve made of our world.

James Supercave“The Right Thing”

A lot of weird stuff goes on in this mash up of disjointed, surreal vignettes, some of which are tame, while others are bloody.

Lawrence Rothman“Oz VS Eden”

Certainly the most nightmarish video we posted all year.

FIDLAR“40oz On Repeat”

FIDLAR dresses up as the stars of music videos that shaped their youth. Jamiroquai, Eminem, Britney Spears, George Michael and more.

Avid Dancer“All Your Words Are Gone”

Pretty pastel colors and a lot of sweetness and smiles make this a feel-good video winner.

Ariel Pink“Dayzed Inn Daydreams”

The video follows a very wrinkly, haggard Rick Wilder (of the Mau Mau’s and the Berlin Brats) on a day in the life of a rocker past his prime.

Some more favorites in no particular order:

Sun Drug “Wildman”
Maxim Ludwig “Nightmares”
Dead Sara “Mona Lisa”
The Weepies “Fancy Things”
Cayucas “Moony Eyed Walrus”
La Lenguas “9 to 5”
Geronimo Getty “Devils Theft”
King Tuff “Headbanger”
Yacht “I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler”
Family Of The Year “Make You Mine”
Prayers “West End Girls”
Omniflux “Dance Blood”
Sad Robot “Don’t Fear Me”
Talk In Tongues “While Everyone Was Waiting”
Olivver The Kid “Attica ’71”
The Bird And The Bee “Recreational Love”
Mini Mansions “Emotions” feat. Brian Wilson
Superhumanoids “Anxious In Venice”
Mocky “Living In The Snow”
Fool’s Gold “I’m In Love”
Bur Gur “Neighbors”