Video: Sego, ‘Micky Macali’

Scene from Sego's
Scene from Sego's "Micky Macali" video

L.A. duo Sego are insurrectionist punks in slacker clothing. Since they moved to Southern California from Provo, Utah, Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll have released two EPs characterized by spastic rhythms and scathing messages, the the latter in stream-of-everything lyrics that challenge your consciousness. Along with unveiling the video for the song “Micky Macari,” Sego today announced that their debut full-length “Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around” would be out March 4 via Dine Alone Records. The album follows two EPs, 2014’s “Wicket Youth” and this year’s “Long Long Way From the Fringe,” and will include highlights from both of those releases and the new material the duo have been concocting in their downtown warehouse space called the Cube. The video for the disco-punk jam “Micky Macali,” meanwhile, was directed by Will Kindrick and is a feat of stop-animation. Explains Petersen: “I mostly had my own enjoyment in mind while making this particular track, so it only made sense for the video to be treated the same. We let loose with our good friend Will with almost no rules. The amount of editing, considering we had to shoot 15 masks per frame, was staggering. Don’t try this at home.”

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