Stream: Feels, ‘Close My Eyes’


With her days of cute dresses and beehive hairdos in girl group The Like far behind her like a distant dream drawn in lipstick, stuffed somewhere in a drawer next to the costumes worn in supergroup Dante Vs Zombies, and reborn last year from Raw Geronimo, Laena Geronimo’s new incarnation Feels is a full-on, grunged-out rock band with Shannon Lay, Amy Allen and Michael Rudes. It’s music for flannel shirts and cheap beer, for stinky, sweaty, dark clubs and big amps. Which makes Ty Segall the right person to have produced their debut album, and Castleface Records, co-run by John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees, a fitting home for their threshold-pushing sound. Feels describes themselves as “a psych punk grunge post future rock + roll whatever band,” and it’s true as much in attitude as it is in aesthetic. First single “Close My Eyes” captures how hard they’re willing to go in its pummeling final thirty or so seconds, a cherished moment that leaves audiences smiling wildly at the end of a live performance. They get loud and it’s oh so good. The self-titled album hits the streets Feb. 26.

||| Stream: “Close My Eyes”

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