Stream: Feels, ‘Feels’ (full album)


Every since Laena Geronimo and her band of insurgents segued from their Raw Geronimo persona to Feels, they’ve cultivated a more menacing, though still at times mystical, front. Their debut album, “Feels” (Castle Face Records), circumvents both the dress-up punk and slacker psychedelia that permeate the Eastside scene right now. Geronimo and mates Shannon Lay, Michael Rudes and Amy Allen have laid out a half-hour of raw, confrontational fuzz-rock that finds a few nerve endings you might have forgotten you had. There’s a lot to be said for real immediacy, and here you have it: Ty Segall produced, and the album was recorded in one day with no overdubs. Have a moment.

||| Stream: “Feels”

||| Live: Feels celebrate their album release with a show tonight at Basic Flowers (242 S. Broadway). They also open for Drive Like Jehu on Sunday night at the Echoplex.

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